Storytelling Guided Tours of Stonehenge Aotearoa

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We recommend visitors attend one of our guided tours which provide a complete experience. Here are the tales from antiquity that explain the rise of civilization and the origin of many of our beliefs. Private and group ...

Saturday 9 March 12:00pm
Sunday 10 March 12:00pm
Saturday 16 March 12:00pm
Sunday 17 March 12:00pm
Saturday 23 March 12:00pm
Sunday 24 March 12:00pm
Saturday 6 April 12:00pm
Sunday 7 April 12:00pm
Saturday 13 April 11:00am
Sunday 14 April 11:00am
Saturday 20 April 11:00am
Sunday 21 April 11:00am
Monday 22 April 11:00am
Saturday 27 April 11:00am
Sunday 28 April 11:00am