Peonies Cruisers

A great way to cruise around Martinborough!

Enjoy the freedom of seeing Martinborough from an electric cruiser - its so much fun to get around on and so easy to ride!

You can cruise from Palliser Vineyard in the west to Te Kairanga in the east and Margrain bridge in the north to the end of town, including Pinot Grove on Jellicoe St in the south - so pretty much all of Martinborough!

Peonies hire the Cruisers out on a day only basis as they need them back at the end of each day to get them charged up for the next day's adventures. If you want to book them for more than one day you can but you still need to return them each night.

64 Jellicoe Street
Martinborough 5711
New Zealand
Opening Hours: 
7 days a week from 9:30am – 5pm