Lansdowne Mountain Bike Park

Lansdowne Mountain Bike Park

This brand-new park is on a section of hillside on the northern edge of Masterton, overlooking SH2. Free to use, the park has a series of professionally designed and built tracks and aims to make mountain biking readily accessible. The seven tracks in the park are suitable for all levels of riders, from beginners through to experienced riders with tracks of grades 2, 3 and 4.

Grade 2 tracks are easy flow tracks with berms that weave down the hill, while the grade 3 tracks are flow tracks with small table top jumps, that you can ride over or jump.
The grade 4 tracks are harder flow tracks that have triple jumps and gaps with an easy line and a hard line.

The park is fun for all skill levels with trails built by professional track builders South Star Trails.

Entrance is via any of the lime tracks entrances in Lansdowne, at the top of Titoki Street, Manuka Street, also beside the water fountain in Manuka St, Fourth St and at the bottom of Totara Street. Just follow the lime tracks they all converge at the mountain bike park.

Located on Masterton District Council land within the Lansdowne Recreational Trail, the park was developed, and is maintained and managed by the Wairarapa Mountain Bike Club, and funded by local businesses.

Lansdowne Mountain Bike Park Map

Lansdowne Recreational Trail
Masterton 5840
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