Lake Ferry

Lake Ferry

Just half an hour's drive from Martinborough is Lake Ferry, a sleepy beach village on the shores of Lake Onoke where it empties into rugged Palliser Bay.

Go fishing with views of the South Island, try catching whitebait if you're here in spring - or just enjoy a sunset dinner at the Lake Ferry Hotel. They do fab whitebait fritters and flounder! The Lake Ferry Hotel also offer great accommodation as well. 

Stay right next to the coast at Lake Ferry Campground for a truly unique experience with incredible views and stunning sunsets!

Swimming in Lake Onoke or from the beach is not recommended. If you're keen to get in the water, check out these great swimming spots around the region.   

Things to do and see nearby:

  • Putangirua Pinnacles are some of the most amazing - and eerie - rock formations you'll ever see.
  • Ngawi fishing village with a fleet of colourful bulldozers to haul the fishing boats in and out of the sea.
  • Cape Palliser Lighthouse - Lonely Planet ranks it in the top 10 flashiest lighthouses in the world. And you'll probably spot fur seals on the rocks.
  • Surfing - there are plenty of great breaks right around the coast.
  • The Land Girl - a modern country cafe with character to boot