The rolling hills of Gladstone

Just out of Carterton is Gladstone -  with its rolling hills, homestays, vineyards and eateries. You'd be hard-pushed to find a better place for a meal and a drink than the 'Gladdy' (as locals call the Gladstone Inn). 

If you're driving from Masterton to Gladstone you might notice an avenue of huge scarlet oaks planted each side of the road near Te Whiti Road. These trees represent the sacrifice of the 34 local men who gave their lives in World War I and World War II and now form a beautiful arch way. A living memorial to those who died. 

The Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival sets up each March on the banks of the Ruamahunga River, in the beautiful, sheltered setting known as ‘The Cliffs'.  Aside from fabulous wine and food, there's entertainment throughout the day featuring a variety of live music in a family-friendly environment.

During the Gladstone Scarecrow Festival in November, fields are inhabited by scarecrows returning the stares of curious onlookers. The scarecrows range from humble creatures through to creative masterpieces crafted by talented local artists, and topical or tongue-in-cheek renditions of politicians and public figures.

Gladstone is a really quaint and rural area of Carterton with a fantastic local community - next time you're close by call into The Gladdy for a beer or a wine tasting just next door at the wonderful Gladstone Vineyard where you can try their popular pinot noir! Check out more food and wine options in Gladstone here. 

Check out The Summit Lodge if you want to stay.

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