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Wairarapa Word - Monthly Talks With Writers

WAI Word 2019:
- 3 Feb - Leeanna Morgan author of 26 romantic novels discusses self-publishing
- 7 Apr - Kim Workman talks about his memoir Journey to Justice & restorative justice (at Aratoi)
- 5 May - ...

Waste Free Living Workshop - With Kate Meads

Prepare to be inspired, become motivated, and take control of your household’s impact on our future. Get lots of exciting and inspirational education around ways you can minimize waste at home.

This workshop is ...

All You Need Is Love: Meditation Course

All You Need Is Love: meditations for loving harmonious relationships with Birgit Saunders.

If you listen to any of the thousands of songs on the radio, or delve into the hundreds of poems that have been written about ...

Book Group

If you like to read that is a great opportunity to enjoy the The Book Group meets monthly to discuss all things book.

1st Thursday monthly.
Give us a call to find out what we are reading next!

For more ...

Meet the Candidate

Meet your candidates evening.

Come along and hear what your Local Body candidates are offering.

Brief opportunities to ask questions may be provided but questions must be submitted to the meeting Chairperson in ...

Introduction to Business Seminars

Starting a business? here's some free seminars that can help you understand more.

Whether you are self-employed, contracting, manage a farm or business, or you are thinking about starting a new business - this seminar ...

Don't Get Hooked! How to Spot Scams and Fraudulent Emails

The principle factor leading to the success of scam email is user vulnerability: your company's best line of defence is education.

During this 3 hour event, you will learn:
- How to spot scam or fraudulent emails
- ...

Dru Yoga Classes

Strengthen your body! Relax your mind! Open your heart!

Perfect for all ages, states of health, & levels of fitness. Soft & flowing yet powerful movements and sequences, proven to ease physical discomfort & relieve ...

Mahi Raranga (Flax Weaving)

Tutor: Whaea Edith.
Cost: $10 per class, bring something to drink and eat to share.
Contact: Sophronia Smith - 0275430203

This class offers students the opportunity to start learning about raranga (weaving with ...

Diabetes Take Action Healthy Living Series

The “Healthy Living" with Diabetes Management Course is held over 3 sessions. While we recommend attending all modules, sessions can be completed individually. Tea, coffee and a snack are provided in sessions 1 and 3. ...


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