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Food in the Wairarapa

Food in the Wairarapa

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The Star of Bethlehem and the Summer Solstice

What was the Star of Bethlehem? Ever wondered what it really was? This programme answers that. We go down to the henge to watch the sun set. After that we return to watch the Summer Stars AV. As the sky darkens we listen ...

Toast Martinborough 2024

Mark your calendars for another unforgettable Toast Martinborough celebration on Sunday 17 November, 2024.

While we're still preparing the 2024 programme, one thing we can promise is another blissful day amongst the ...

Rathkeale Christmas Fête 2024

The Rathkeale Christmas Fête is back! Walk through the gates of Rathkeale College this November and be welcomed by a diverse range of colourful stalls, the aroma of freshy cooked food and plenty of festive ...

Legends of Matariki

The sacred time is the early morning rising of Matariki (the Pleiades) but the same stars are visible in the evening sky in November. It is warm, the sky is getting darker. This is the time of learning and understanding.

Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Come celebrate the Spring Equinox with us! Enjoy the sunset from within the henge (if possible), learn about how your ancestor viewed the equinox then enjoy exploring the night sky.

Celebrate Matariki

For more than 6,000 years, throughout Europe and Asia, the dawn rising of the Pleiades star cluster (Matariki, the Seven Sisters) was a significant and celebrated of event. In this presentation we explore their meaning ...

Celebrate the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice was, and still is one of the most important festivals of the year. The programme will begin with an introduction, and then we move to the henge to watch the Sun set over the winter heel stone (weather ...

Astrobiology Dome Planetarium Shows With The Mars Blueberry

The Mars Blueberry is back for the April school holidays and will be in Carterton for three days. Check out where SLIM landed on the Moon and where Ingenuity had its last flight on Mars. Learn about the upcoming ...

Lusciously Long Quaffable Brunch

Embark on a peculiar brunch experience like no other! Hendrick's cordially invites you to join fellow gin aficionados at The White Swan, where you’ll be welcomed by accordion and guitar duo Kate Marshall & Bob ...

National Tweed Ride 2024 With Blackwell And Sons

Tally ho tweeders! Spiffing news. The National Tweed Ride is back, once again with assistance from the lovely chaps and chapettes at Hendrick's Gin – funn-er, jollier and simply more marvellous than ever – ...


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