Longbush Cottage

Longbush Cottage is a modern cottage garden, comprising a series of rooms each with a different but complementing theme radiating out from a classic 19th century cottage, open between September and April.

Dursley Garden

Dursley Garden is over 100 years old and is lovingly tended to by Judith Callaghan, who welcomes visitors through-out the year, as the garden changes significantly from season to season.

Lavender Abbey

Lavender Abbey

Every year in January, Lavender Abbey hold popular "Pick Your Own Lavender" days at their property in Carterton. 

Visitors from all over New Zealand come to experience lavender growing wild and enjoy the incredible aroma. With more than 2000 flowering lavender plants its like a slice of Provence right here in Carterton. 


Take a tour of Brancepeth, one of Wairarapa's grandest and most treasured historic sites. This colonial homestead and gardens near Masterton is still owned by the family who settled on the land in 1856.

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